About us

Advance Finance Alliance is the first and only stable P2P company in the Ukrainian market. Since 2009, we have been improving financial relationships between people across the country.

Due to the simplicity and transparency of the P2P system, as well as the absence of a third party, the investor can reliably place his free funds and earn income, and the borrower can get a convenient and quick loan for business development.

– Yuriy Prus, founder of AFA


People are the most valuable in our work. Experts in finance, law and real estate, without which it is impossible to imagine the Advance Finance Alliance.

Yuriy Prus


History of P2P

Non-bank financing appeared in the late 90s, but began to develop actively in Europe and the USA only in the 2000s.

The peak of growth occurred in 2007-2008, when leading world banks could not provide business financing. At this point, direct loan contracts began to gain popularity.

For 2020, the global market for non-bank financing is estimated at approximately $ 431.09 billion.